Essay on How Does the Iroquois’ Religious Beliefs Differ From Christianity?

Essay on How Does the Iroquois’ Religious Beliefs Differ From Christianity?

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The Indigenous people of America are called Native Americans or often referred to as “Indians”. They make up about two percent of the population in the United States and some of them still live in reservations. They once lived freely in the wilderness without any sort of influence or exposure from the Europeans who later came in the year of 1492, and therefore their culture is very different from ours.. In the following essay we will discover some differences between the religious beliefs of the Native American Iroquois and Christianity to see if the culture and ways of living have an effect on the view of religion, but we will also get to know some similarities between them. I am going to be focusing on the Iroquois, which are the northeastern Native Americans who are historically important and powerful.

One of the first differences between the Iroquois’ beliefs and Christianity is the theory on “the creation of life”. The Iroquois believe in a creator God called ‘Hahgwehdiyu’, which was the good spirit of the twin Gods of Wind Breath. He shaped the world with the palm of his hands and recycled the corpse of his dead mother to create the sky, moon and the sun. He planted a grain of corn in her to give the world fertility. It is believed that when the Sky Woman, or the mother, fell from the sky, she would fertilize the earth so her granddaughters could grow and harvest many things. They also believe in a current God called “the Great Spirit”. On the other hand, the Christians believe in a different story. The Holy Bible states that one God, simply called God, created the heavens, the earth, the light and the darkness. Later on he created the first humans, which were Adam and Eve. Already we can see one difference, just by knowing...

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...and nature is the main source of a guaranteed quality life. The Christians live(d) in cities or towns where the setting makes it important to behave well and have courtesies, as that is the more modern way of living, and therefore it is more logical to them to believe in a system which is more compatible to their lifestyle.

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