How Does The Digital Realm Influenced The Boom Of Cosmetic Surgery? Essay

How Does The Digital Realm Influenced The Boom Of Cosmetic Surgery? Essay

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For our project, K-POP, we have decided to compare how the digital realm influenced the boom of cosmetic surgery in Korea compared to American plastic surgery, where digital means are a less common tool utilized to increase, accentuate, and bring publicity to this industry. We want to take a deeper look into how Korean pop culture and its technology may be influencing the process one takes to get plastic surgery, such as the advertising it provides for each individual plastic surgery. This is opposite of America, where plastic surgery is more taboo, therefore absent in these spaces. Through this research we are ultimately focusing, emphasizing, and analyzing how the digital realm of each country has recently influenced the plastic surgery industry, as shown in Korea. It is important to also mention that the plastic surgery industry by itself is not the focus of this topic, however, it is the industry within the contexts of Korean and American digital media. It is the combination of these spaces that is most relevant to understanding how digital media can create or decrease revenue, as well as its influence of culture and ideas of normalcy. Originally, our project was going to specifically focus on how cell phones apps directly contribute to this correlation, however, after further research we realized that there was very limited studies regarding this area, and the app itself was inaccessible on American phones. We instead decided to branch out this idea to various forms of technology and combine the limited research done in every specific area of technology in relations to cosmetic surgery to completely understand how digital realm as a whole affect this practice. This revision of the study will provide more evidence of this topi...

... middle of paper ..., and digital advertising. Each tab will compare South Korean technological culture to North America’s, in relations to plastic surgery, and how that specific mode of technology enhances their industry. There will be pictures and clips of these digital ads, apps, and shows that promote cosmetic surgery, as well as specific objective facts, like statistics, on each tab that will explain how technology reinforces plastic surgery practice, and even removes the stigma that it is attached with in the states. Each one of these pieces of supporting examples will be divided by country and then discuss its direct relations to each other and to cosmetic surgery. Users will be able to easily access this website and explore its different elements to learn more about this phenomenon in stimulating ways that leaves them creating their own connections between these two dynamics.

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