How Does The Change Models Help Individuals Go Into Our New Paths And A Better Self?

How Does The Change Models Help Individuals Go Into Our New Paths And A Better Self?

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Change is can be evaluated by the effects that it has on the major parties involved. It tends to happen when there is frustration and discontent with the present state of things. Therefore, it will push us to our personal best by causing us to learn from the change as well as our mistakes. It is the changes that we undergo that help us to effectively evolve into our new paths and a better self. Both change models help individuals go through the process of transformation by helping them to acknowledge their feelings and the internal and external factors that can influence the change permanently. The most recent change that I have intentionally made was the decision not to coach past a three year commitment to Rush club soccer. This decision was both emotionally and rationally based. Although, I did not use either the Bridges or Lewin change models, my decision does reflect aspects of both the Lewin 's and Bridge 's model.
I never intended on coaching a developmental youth soccer team, in fact I was kind of backed into the commitment. When her father and I decided to transition her from a recreational league to a club, we had done a lot of research and decided on the Rush Crush as our first choice. While it was not a certainty that she would make the team, we decided that it would be good for her to go through a try out. After she made the team, a coaching conflict arose where the assistant coach stepped down. At this point I was asked to step in. I was happy to do so because I felt that I would to teach the team about soccer while fostering their love of the game. Things seemed to go well at the beginning, but slowly started to deteriorate. And then one day he announced at an end of season party that he was stepping down and handi...

... middle of paper ... let their actual coaches do the coaching, especially when there was a disagreement in coaching philosophy. Coming to terms with these changes seem to be the hardest. During the neutral zone stage, I was trying to get used to my new fond freedom and how that affected and redefined the roles of student and family. At times I found it refreshing to have more available time, and at other times I would find myself restless and bored because I have become overly efficient at multitasking and utilizing my time. I do realize that I needed to relax and give myself time to become adjusted to my newly redefined roles and time commitments. Once I become more comfortable with the new direction of my life, I might start looking into picking up hobbies that I once enjoyed on a regular basis, thus entering the new beginning stage with a newly found sense of excitement and vigor.

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