How Does The Affect Entrepreneurs ' Psychological Well Being? A Person Job Fit Perspective?

How Does The Affect Entrepreneurs ' Psychological Well Being? A Person Job Fit Perspective?

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How does polychronicity affect entrepreneurs’ psychological well-being? A person-job fit perspective
Principle Topic
Entrepreneurs often need to perform multiple tasks simultaneously or intermittently (i.e., polychronicity) (Volery, Mueller, & Siemens, 2013) because they usually face fast changing environment and have limited human resources to delegate tasks. Thus, entrepreneurship offers opportunities to behave polychronically on the job (i.e., polychronicity supplies). However, as individuals are different in their preference for multitasking (i.e., polychronicity values) in that some prefer to work on multiple tasks simultaneously whereas others may prefer to finish the current task before starting a new one, it is likely that not all entrepreneurs enjoy polychronicity supplies from the entrepreneurial process (Hecht and Allen, 2015). Therefore, given the polychronical nature of entrepreneurship, it is important to study how polychronicity values and supplies affect individual-level outcomes for entrepreneurs.
Existing research on polychronicity in the entrepreneurship context is limited and tends to focus on the consequences of entrepreneurs’ polychronicity values (Bluedorn and Martin, 2008). Little has been done to examine the joint effect of polychronicity values and polychronicity supplies on outcomes. To extend prior research, we draw on the person-job fit perspective (Kristof, 1996), especially the supplies-values fit model (Edward, 1996), as the theoretical foundation for the present research. The supplies-values fit model suggests that supplies-values fit exists when environmental supplies can fulfill individuals’ values (Edwards, 1996). Regarding the polychronicity dimension of the supplies-values fit, fit can exist w...

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...ain) when supplies-values fit is achieved, but it will decrease when supplies-values misfit exists.
The present research makes two contributions to existing literature. First, the person-entrepreneurship fit has been suggested to enhance entrepreneurial success (Markman and Baron, 2003) but limited empirical research has been conducted to test this relationship and other outcomes of the person-entrepreneurship fit. Our research adds to this body of literature by demonstrating that positive psychological consequences can be gained when the polychronicity dimension of the person-job fit is achieved. Second, polychronicity has been shown to affect employees’ psychological well-being (Hecht and Allen, 2005). In examining the effect of polychronicity on the entrepreneur’s psychological well-being, we extend the literature of polychroniciy to the entrepreneurship context.

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