How Does Student And School Background Impact Teaching?

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IV. How does student and school background impact teaching? My the background of my school and its students certainly impacted my teaching style. My teaching style is something that I have observed carefully during my time at Mott Hall II. I can honestly say that my teaching style has changed quite a bit during initial student placement. There were a lot of challenges working with 8th grade students. For the last several years I have been exposed to higher level of education, this certainly impacted my teaching style negatively. I felt like to adapt to my students varying needs I needed to become a hybrid, being able to meet as many needs as possible. This reminded me Emdin’s chapter on code switching, where he was critical of teachers teaching content using academic language that many of their students would not understand (Emdin, 2016). This was me early in my placement I felt that the language I used hindered my students content knowledge. Not only did it hurt them, it impacted me as well, making tougher to build that relationship of trust with my students. Emdin helped me realized that my teaching style and tone would be different from my normal everyday tone. The tough thing about adjusting to students needs was that every class I worked with had different needs, hence causing me to adapt to them. During my placement I worked with four different sections U.S. History each section was completely different from the next. I know that this is common for teachers in all schools, however the blend of diversity in my school certainly impacted this. I certainly tried my best at doing this, however this can easily be seen as one of the most overwhelming aspects of being a teacher. When it came to teaching and planning, my stude... ... middle of paper ... ... from the other. This means that each class has their own needs, it is the responsibility of the teacher to adapt their teaching style to meet the needs of their students. Schools play a very interesting role on the context of teaching. While some schools reflect the background of the neighborhood they are located in, others do not. My placement school for example, reflected the rich diversity of the surrounding neighborhood in which it was located. This rich diversity meant that the school had to adapt to be able to education such a wide diverse student body. What makes this interesting is that over periods of time the composition of the community can change, forcing the school to change. Students and neighborhoods are not static, they are fluid and constantly changing, meaning schools and teachers must constantly adjust to be effective at providing an education.
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