Essay on How Does Social Media Affect Students' Education

Essay on How Does Social Media Affect Students' Education

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Social Media has evolved magnificently since the first email sent in 1971. Social media is any form of website or application which enables us to share content with one another with a simple sharing tool. Social media has became an addiction for most, if you were to ask the average student if they were connected to a social networking site about 73 percent would reply with a yes. In addition about 63 percent of people log on to a social media site daily and on average 40 percent log on multiple times a day. Everyone has their own reasons for the use of social media which could include shopping, research, or other personal reason like venting and status updates. Students often connect to social media because majority of students have one so they feel included. Social Media has became an addiction to many of the students who happen to have a profile to a site. They feel the need to always be connected to society. Many of these students grades have either suffered or raised due to having better connections with other students. My essay will attempt to prove that social media has been affecting the children’s education and prevents them from reaching the academic growth they need.
How often does one ask how social media affects our thinking? Not many often engage to question our critical thinking skills because they are not often worried about them. Social media is allowing people to abandon, their searching, critical thinking, and problem solving skills in order to allow others to help them. Social media sites have affected our thinking skills, our ability to retain information has decreased tremendously. Students are starting to become more dependent on the internet and not thinking for themselves. Even though many turn to social m...

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