Essay on How Does Sleep Affect Our Memory?

Essay on How Does Sleep Affect Our Memory?

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As living animals, we all experience a phenome known as sleep. Although we all experience sleep, very little is known about it, especially when it comes to how it affects memory. As college students, sleep is vital to our health and wellbeing, we need the right amount of sleep to be able to be awake and attentive during classes. But the question remains, how does sleep affect our memory? Does the lack of sleep a person is getting make it harder for their brains to process and store information? While researching this topic, I came across some information that might help us to better understand just exactly how sleep affects our memory.
Firstly, is there a specific amount of sleep that a person needs to acquire to help maintain memory activity? In a study done at the Harvard Medical School, the conducted a survey to find out if there is a certain number of hours of sleep that are needed to maintain memory. For this experiment, a group of women takin part in the Nurses’ Health Study were asked about their sleeping habits in 1986 to 2000. These women were then interviewed about their memory and thinking skills three times over a six- year period (Harvard Medical School). It was observed that the test subjects who had five hours of sleep or less, along with those who got over nine hours of sleep, performed worse on brain testing compared to the women who got seven to eight hours of sleep (Harvard Medical School). From their study, the Harvard Medical School found that getting an average amount of sleep, seven hours per day, may help maintain memory in later life and that clinical interventions based on sleep therapy should be examined for the prevention of mental impairment (Harvard Medical School).
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... next day, when asked to recall the cards, the researchers found that there was no difference between the two groups. The group with only four hours of sleep were able to recall the cards just as well as the group who got eight hours of sleep (Magaldi). However, when the subjects were put under stress the results changed significantly. While asking the participants to recall a new set of cards, they were exposed to loud noises. While under stress, the group who received four hours of sleep showed an overall reduction of in their ability to access long-term memory by ten percent (Magaldi). From their studies, the researchers concluded that sleep is an important aspect in our lives. Since everyday life can be stressful it is important for our minds to be fully rested in order to be able to process the information being presented and react accordingly to the situation.

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