How Does Shakespeare and Stevenson Present the Characters as Disturbed? Essays

How Does Shakespeare and Stevenson Present the Characters as Disturbed? Essays

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The two written pieces of two very different authors both begin with the minor characters that you don’t hear or read much about during the play and novel. In the start you are given opinions from the minor characters about the main characters; Macbeth and Dr. Jekyll. Both main characters are seen as respectable, high statuses and noble.

The summary of Macbeth is about an honorable soldier named Macbeth that follows his ambitions although they are very bad and lead him to a terrible downfall that changes him from a nobleman to a tyrant. In act 1 scene 2 Macbeth is not presented to us directly However Shakespeare describes him as ruthless and courageous through the mouths of fans from other characters such as the captain who describes him as ‘brave’ when the captain and other characters describe Macbeths heroic performance in the battlefield, we are instantaneously familiarized to the respect that he is held in. ‘for brave Macbeth- well he deserves that name.’ Is a quote that unmistakably highlights the awe and admiration that fellow soldiers have for Macbeth. The use of the word ‘deserves’ could show that he earned and had the right to be entrusted with that position. Another characteristic that is shown to the audience is that he is merciless in the battleground, it is shown to us when the captain illustrates a description of how Macbeth killed a Norwegian ‘till he unseam’d him from the nave to the chaps.’ This portrayal is very scary to think about and cleverly Shakespeare leaves this image in the heads of the audience.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a story about a smart doctor who makes a drug that can make the evil side of a person come out. This drug changes Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde. The author does not mention that Dr. Jekyl...

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...ook was published in the year 1886 however people still believed in darwins theory and how humans evolved from apes. Stevenson says that he has ‘hairy hands’ and ‘in an ape like fury’ are examples of this. He also says that he has a ‘hissing intake of breath’ which could mean that he talk similarly like a snake. The author shows hydes character through his appearance; dwarf like, horrible to look at , he is decribed as a ‘damned juggernaut’ as well as unmanly and many more.The word ‘juggernaut’ makes the reader think of him as vicious and unbearable .from all these descriptions it makes the reader think that he is very different and deformed in his figure and facial features. Stevenson also shows the disturbing character by relating it to affairs in his time as I mentioned before; darwins theory making the reader understand more about hyde and his mentality.

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