How Does Refining The Police Organization? Essay examples

How Does Refining The Police Organization? Essay examples

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There has been a sufficient amount of research regarding to how a country can improve the police force, many researchers try to study about the effects of community oriented policing, use of less deadly methods of force, recruiting better qualified police officers and more. According to Weisburd and Greenspan (2002), a poor police organizational system has been known to be one of the causes of increased racially motivated shootings (p.5). A police organization includes it 's leadership, guidelines to recruitment, and ways of training police officers. It is clear that decreasing racially motivated police shootings and police misconduct in general should be in the best interest for everyone because it ensures safety and protection among all citizens of brutality and mistreatment from the officers. Instances of police brutality and mistreat are becoming more know to the public which could change the way citizens view the police officers. In this paper I will discuss how refining the police organization could be one of the solutions to the issue of increased racially motivated shootings and police brutality in general. As a result of this solution, police organizations will have more educated police officers, better trained police officers, and effective leaders.
The first task in coming up with a solution to increased racially motivated shootings and police brutality is to require police officers to get a higher education. Police officers hold a lot of authority and power with their job and it is necessary for police to have good knowledge of law enforcement, people relations, police ethics, new laws and anything that relates in their line of work. According to Paterson (2011), "university educated police officers were less authorit...

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... It is evident that changing aspects of police management can solve the issues of police brutality and racially motivated police shootings. Police with higher education are more knowledgeable and aware about criminal justice, effective leadership will ensure motivation and ethical behavior among the officers and effective training will decrease liability of criminal suspects who get injured or killed. Police brutality and racially motivated shooting is an issue that needs to be stopped, citizens will not feel safe nor trust the police force to do their jobs if these incidents keep repeating .So if there is a solution to these issue, then every police department should make every effort to end it. Every outcome for changing police management is worth it in order to overall have police officers protects and serve their community in a ethical and respectable way.

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