How Does Rastafarianism Not A Very Well Known Religion? Essays

How Does Rastafarianism Not A Very Well Known Religion? Essays

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Rastafarianism is not a very well known religion. However, it is a lot more common than many people think. Although it is an Alternative religion mostly common in Jamaica, it is slowly becoming more popular throughout the world. The religion began in the 1930’s in Jamaica. It has only been 84 years since Rastafarianism first originated, but it has already gained many followers around the world. This religion is mainly about peace, equality, and unity. One might identify a Rastafarian by their long dreadlocks and easygoing personality.
The Rastafarian religion started in the 1930’s while Jamaica was under British colonial rule. This religion, sometimes referred to as a movement, was said to be a sort of retaliation against the colonial power that had taken over Jamaica during this time. One of the earliest figures of Rastafarianism was Marcus Garvey, a famous Jamaican political leader of the time, who believed that people of African origin should return to their motherland in Africa. He organized the Universal Negro Improvement Association. The UNIA taught a groundbreaking form of black pride. Even though Marcus Garvey was never a Rastafarian, he is said to be one of the Rastafarian prophets. He is said to be te Rastafarian equivalent to John the Baptist. The basis of the Rastafarian religion comes primarily from his teachings and philosophies. Without the UNIA, the foundation for this religion may not have been set. One of the teachings by Marcus Garvey, he tells the Jamaicans that there will soon be a native African king. This king would be their savior. In 1930, Ras Tafari became the ruler of Ethiopia. When Ras Tafari was crowned emperor of Ethiopia, he changed his name to Haile Selassie. This name means “Holy Trinity.” The Ja...

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...eadlock controversy, many people disagree with is the use of cannabis, or marijuana. Jamaicans call it ganja. It is very common for Rastafarians to smoke ganja in order to relax and create a peaceful environment during social gatherings. This drug is outlawed in Jamaica and many other places, although it is likely that Jamaica will soon allow up to two ounces of it in the possession of somebody. It is also likely that the government will tolerate the use of ganja for religious or scientific purposes.
In conclusion, the religion of Rastafarianism has sparked controversy, but has also become a semi-popular religion and social movement mostly in places such as Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, and Tobago. It is no longer a racial group as many white people have converted to Rastafarianism. Overall, this religion focuses on peace, unity, and harmony with all life on earth.

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