How Does Racism Really Play? Essay

How Does Racism Really Play? Essay

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After absorbing John Keats advice when he said, “[n]othing ever becomes real till it is experienced,” I realized my vision of becoming an attorney will forever just be a vision until I gain experience. On the outside looking in, I see how prosecutors and defense attorneys portray their own style in the court when doing opening statements, closing statement, and cross examinations. However, the work and preparation that goes into the art behind the scenes is what I have been seeking for. How do attorneys become so good at work they do? Where do they gather all this evidence? How do they juggle so many clients at once? Does racism really play that much of a role in a court case? And the most important question to me, how does it feel putting a criminal in jail or keeping one out of jail for a long period of time? Little did I know, many factors are considered when building your own private firm or working for the States Attorneys Office.
This semester I had the opportunity to intern with Attorney Derrick Hamlin at his private firm in the heart of downtown Baltimore on East Lexington Street. Attorney Hamlin is a proud Morgan State Alumni as well. Oddly, he majored in Chemistry, continued onto law school and immediately began his own private work starting with cases his family members and friends were facing. Attorney Hamlin practices all types of law including criminal, civil, and entertainment. He has claimed judgment in million dollars cases and major police brutality cases.
My average day began at 9am and ended at 5pm. Typically, I am dressed in business professional attire and out the house by 8:20am. Although my internship is only twenty (20) minutes away, I’ve learned the hard way Baltimore traffic is lethal between the hou...

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...s evidence aiding in finding the client guilty. Working with Mr. Hamlin and witnessing how his background in science and forensics aided him when understanding criminal cases dealing with chromosomes, alleles, and DNA persuaded me to minor in biology. I believe minoring in biology will allow me to expand thought when dealing with criminal cases. When working with this specific case, I was amazed by how Mr. Hamlin found flaws in the forensic scientists DNA simply by using what he understood as a Chemistry major at Morgan State University. Overall, I am very thankful for this experience because having hands on experience in my prospective career has confirmed that this is the career path I wish to travel. I am excited for another internship I have secured for next semester and eager to showcase the skills I’ve gained from interning at The Law Office of Derrick Hamlin.

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