How Does Racial Prejudice Affect Our Diversity? Essay

How Does Racial Prejudice Affect Our Diversity? Essay

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Based on conceptual framework, its best defined as a tool used in research to plan possible approaches to an idea or thought. As our class used this tool to learn about how society evolves around race and ethnicity, we came across important things we tend to ignore. Also, it taught us to expand our mind about learning about our culture and our diversity. The important thing we learned in class is “race”, which is defined as how people are identified by other groups. What we tend to ignore is that it distracts us from seeing who that person may really be by personality. According to race, it can identify a person by physical characteristics or biological. This cause a process through which our world build racial categories in which people are classified is called racialization. The issue is that society use race to view people with similar biological traits or physical characteristics to assume that everyone is considered the same. We use racial categories to apply to people to identify what to label them as.
According to biological traits, racial categories are considered to be visible genetic traits which are face structures, shape of the body, and skin color. However, certain differences and similarities are pointed out easily than others. I believe it can also be considered to be socially significant because it’s the reason why people treat each other differently. For example, eye colors and skin colors differences and similarities are not treated socially the same. Our skin color is usually the number one thing that a person is identified by. Usually, a person skin color could be considered where they from. For example, a person who skin color is black may be assumed that they are from Africa. This creates a bigger problem f...

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... the African American people. Today, he remains the major spokesperson for black aspirations. The relationship we have among different race would not be the same today if it wasn’t for our leaders
As an African American, I am happy to be alive to see a black President for the first time. Having a black President after the struggle and challenges our people had to face, shows that those who had fought to get where we are today was worth it. Also, famous actors and athletes who are shining out there not only showing their talents but also showing who they are as African Americans.
It’s clear that African Americans went through a long period of time of struggle and complications to live an equal life with the White Americans. It took a few people and key roles to speak up and take action to fight for what’s right for their people.

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