How Does Procrastination Affect Academic Performance? Essay

How Does Procrastination Affect Academic Performance? Essay

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While the mentioned articles and studies may not directly be related, it is reasonable to make a few assumptions about procrastination from each of them that are true for all cases, despite the complexity of this topic.

Tice and Baumister’s research article shows solid evidence as to how procrastination may have negative effects on academic performance. Although this may seem to be a reasonable assumption to make, if their research is compared with research done in other articles, this is essentially only surface deep. Recall Hillary Green-Lerman’s article as well. The correlation between the the timeline the student gave themselves to do the assignments definitely had an effect on the score of their grades. While I did find these articles interesting, I did not find them to be completely true.

Both of these negative leaning articles seem to have good factual evidence, but they do not take into consideration any of the other possible components that may have an effect on academic performance in relation to procrastination. This suggests that the researchers are being very narrow in their studies, of course giving very narrow results. Without taking outside factors into consideration, the research results will seem very skewed and of course biased. Despite my feelings towards these articles at first glance, I soon began to very strongly disagree with them.

While procrastination is most commonly portrayed as a negative and unacceptable habit, there may be more than meets the eye. For example, in Tuckman’s article his findings suggest that procrastination may only effect academic performance under certain circumstances, meaning there may be more to this topic than a simply “yes the student procrastinates” or “the student does not...

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...ion is what a student makes of it. Anything can be twisted and abused, causing it to appear destructive, especially when school work and grades are involved. Procrastination cannot be blamed for negative grades, only the student who delayed to the point of producing poorly created work can be named as the cause. Productive procrastination can be a very useful tool for some, impacting their grades positively.

The idea of procrastination is to be taken with again of salt. Of course students will do poorly on and assignment if they waste 99.9% of the given time frame to complete it. I was then lead to the idea of “The Procrastination Proclamation” that procrastination can and will be only as beneficial as an individual allows it to be. Anything can be used in a negative manner… Even procrastination. It’s all about the person behind the actions, not the action itself.

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