Essay on How Does Nature And Nurture Affect Human Behavior?

Essay on How Does Nature And Nurture Affect Human Behavior?

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How Does Nature and Nurture Affect Human Behavior?
Behavior genetics involves the hereditary factors of behavior. Certain species’ members’ behaviors differ because their genes vary. Behavior genetics strives to determine how the variation of a trait in a population is influenced by genetics, environment, or both (Wilcox & Bouchard, 2015). By studying twins, genders, and parent-child relationships, scientists can hope to reduce market swings by comprehending people’s biological responses to uncertainty or to calculate how to contain threatening crowds (Christakis, 2011).
In the 1970s, a field arose within anthropology that became known as human behavioral ecology. Human behavioural ecologists predict the behaviour of individuals. Their research is without the belief that humans are infinitely flexible. The assumption stands that constraints in genetics will restrain the range of environmental conditions in which adaptive responses appear (Brown, Dickins, Sear, Laland, 2011). Whereas, developmental psychologists are noticing that contrasts in children’s behavioral phenotypes are a result to their different genotypes than to their different environments (Wilcox & Bouchard, 2015).
Behavior genetic studies frequently utilize twins. One type compares identical and fraternal twins raised together, and the second type uses twins raised together and apart. A third method employs unrelated individuals reared in the same family. These various methods can be applied to determine the importance of genes and environment. The idea is that in the first method a significant resemblance between identical twins over fraternal twins should reflect the proportion of genes they share. The second type, in theory, should reveal if a person’...

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...tion of cattle. The past several thousand years of drinking milk has modified human genes to make people more lactose-tolerant (Christakis, 2011).
After reading many different articles, my research seems to lead to one conclusion. The question is not about if genetics influence our behavior or if our culture influences it. The answer to nature vs nurture exists between them. Knafo and Spinath’s (2011) results revealed the importance of not just one but both genetic and environmental influences together on children’s values. It is not possible to declare that a particular behavioral trait is strictly either genetic or environmental, because each organism grows in a distinct environment where “both genes and environment control development” (Wilcox & Bouchard, 2015). The many studies in behavior genetics have shown us how our genetics and environments affect us.

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