How Does Much Sexual Education Can Affect Your Morals Feeling On What Is Right And Wrong?

How Does Much Sexual Education Can Affect Your Morals Feeling On What Is Right And Wrong?

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The direction that ones life will take is determined upon many aspects, large majorities of which are outside your own personal control. Things such as what economic class one is born in determines not only the type of education one receives but the focus of such education and what jobs society will prepare you for. What religion and how adherent to it your parents are can affect your morals feeling on what is right and wrong. How much sexual education one does or doesn’t receive can affect not only health but also how you end up starting, and raising your own family. While not often thought about, or discussed these broad structural cultural patterns have a huge and lasting effect on not only how we experience life but the way ones life goes.
Education is one of the single most important aspects of childhood, as a good education normally leads to a good well paying job and good life, while a lack of education usually leads to a less then desirable job and a harder life. Unfortunately for a majority of the population education is neither free nor universal, and what economic class, or how much money, your parents belong to can greatly impact your learning experience. This can be seen in the video we watched in class called A Tale of Two Schools: Race and Education on Long Island. In the video to high school seniors who were virtually the same where looked at. The kids played the same sport, were both school leaders, and lived in the same state, the only difference is the income level of the parents which determined where in the city they lived, and as a result what school they attend. One of the students was middle to upper middle class, and went to a school that was majority white and well funded, the other was lower class an...

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...d will be taught. In addition we should lower the stigma that is associated with discussing sex. By being more open about sex and talking about it more kids will feel less awkward when such topics are brought up, only when it is apart of daily conversation will a change actually be seen.
While I do think life will be greatly improved by fixing these social patterns and structures, I don’t think it is actually possible to rid childhood of all of these. To live in a society means following of certain norms and expectations, and in doing so we are able to generalize the life process. Because of this it is unavoidable that some sort of social structures, or patterns are formed it cannot be helped. What should be done then is on a personal level one must recognize these and know what they are and how they affect you and your life, and teach that to the next generation.

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