Essay on How Does Much Are You Worth?

Essay on How Does Much Are You Worth?

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A person is born into this world a blank page, people learn everything they know about life and all it has to offer from experiences,
and by the teachings of those typically older than themselves. the amount of lessons a person is taught is far beyond count, and unique
to each individual. This idea of putting a value on human life is almost laughable, how is a human life measured? by dollars? by valuable metals?
How does one simply say that a humans life can be counted in dollar bills? It would seem as though, if you were to confront a person and ask them
the question "how much are you worth?" i do not believe they would have an answer and most likely be offended at the thoughts brought to mind. The task
of understanding a monetary value thrown upon someones being is challenging but i am going to attempt to break it down.

If you look at Shakespeare 's soliloquy Hamlet, Hamlet ponders the phrase "To be or Not to be" partially suicidal thoughts crossed his mind.
Hamlet contemplates the pros and cons of life and death during his struggle. Hamlet breaks down when he learns of his
fathers death among other things. this leads hamlet to believe that taking his own life is the best possible solution and the only way to end the pain
of the unfortunate events in his surroundings. the question again rises "To be or Not to be?" should he continue living through his life in suffering, or
simply take his life and end it all. Hamlet soon begins to contemplate what comes after death, would we dream? does life continue after death?
He then realizes that not knowing what comes in death is not something he wants to discover just yet, that there is no point in dying so
he decideds to continue on with his life. Hamlet a very troubled person seems to ...

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... sure if i was asked this quesiton i would say that life can not be measured by an indvidual being
about another. I do not believe someone can put any value on another person, but the person themself can only begin to ponder a value for who they
are and what they are becoming or have become. The value does not rest with money, the value of a life is priceless but it all depends on how a person
values themself before anyone else does they need to believe in what they are. It should be said that it is better to view life with the door open, you should
be happy with your life and the choices you make above all money can come afterwards happiness can not simply be bought sometimes it is earned, i 'm not sure about
other people but i get one shot at life as far as i know and i would like to be happy and on my feet at the end instead of worrying about how much i am worth.

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