Essay on How Does Miss Jones Can Improve Oral Reading Fluency Skills?

Essay on How Does Miss Jones Can Improve Oral Reading Fluency Skills?

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Students whom are struggling have a difficult time learning to read and write. A student can be on grade level in the third grade, but develop difficulties by fifth grade because there was a gap that is tough to fill once they are behind their classmates. Teachers have to find the best ways to prevent students from forming difficulties or being left behind academically. In order for Miss Jones to benefit her struggling student with her oral reading fluency skills, she will need to provide high-quality instruction and adding an intervention that incorporates research-based procedures and activities. What follows is a variety of strategies that Miss Jones can utilize with her student in order to assist her with improving her oral reading fluency skills.
First, I suggest that Miss Jones should differentiate her instruction. When differentiating instruction, teachers adapt their lesson to match all of her students needs by doing such task as tiered activities or grouping the students according to similarities. According to Tompkins, results of ongoing assessments are used to vary instructional content, process, and assignments according to the student’s developmental levels, interests, and learning styles (Tompkins, 2010). During Literature Circles, Miss Jones can differentiate instruction by grouping her struggling students with students that are on the same developmental level or learning styles that she has and this way the student will be willing to participate in discussion because she has someone to relate to.
Secondly, Miss Jones should choose appropriate instructional materials for her students. In every classroom there should be some type of classroom library available to students to grab a book of interest and read. Miss J...

... middle of paper ... for them to read it on their own. Miss Jones can promote fluency by having her students that struggles to practice reading by rereading the book aloud with her or an assigned partner. For example, Miss Jones can choose a book that is appropriate for the students reading level and have a copy for her and the other copy big enough on the board for everyone to see. Then, Miss Jones can ask the students to engage in “echo reading,” which the teacher reads a line and the students repeat the line back to the teacher and reading. Grouping reading is an effective strategy, especially for students who are struggling, to promote fluency while all students are actively engaged and no one is being put on the spotlight or embarrassed. As much as Miss Jones consistently do repeated reading with her students she will find some progression with all of her students readabilities.

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