How Does Miss Bingley Feel About Elizabeth? Essay example

How Does Miss Bingley Feel About Elizabeth? Essay example

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1. How does Miss Bingley feel about Elizabeth, and why? How does she make her feelings known?
Miss Bingley feels jealous and very dislike Elizabeth because she knows that Mr. Darcy likes Elizabeth and Miss Bingley herself likes Mr. Darcy; however, Miss Bingley knows that her brother likes Jane so she has to show her respect to both of them. Miss Bingley expresses her feelings by the words she has said when Jane and Elizabeth absent.
2. How did the Bennet sisters’ stay at Netherfield change Darcy’s impressions of Elizabeth? How did this time change Elizabeth’s impressions of Darcy?
Darcy begins to like Elizabeth, at first, Darcy does not like Elizabeth, and after staying in the same house, Darcy begins to find Elizabeth is very pretty. However, when Elizabeth and Jane want to leave Netherfield, Mr. Darcy thinks it is a good idea because even though Elizabeth is very attractive to him, he still does not want to show any hints to her. Elizabeth does not change a lot of impression of Mr. Darcy a lot when she stays at Netherfield, however, she changed her impression of Darcy a lot after meeting Mr. Wickham, which makes Elizabeth more dislike Darcy.
3. What kind of person is Mr. Collins? How do the various members of the Bennet family react to him? How are we as readers meant to react to him?
Mr. Collins is twenty-five years old with a heavy looking, his manner is very formal and gentle, and however, not all the Bennet family likes him. Mrs. Bennet does not like Mr. Collins at all; she thinks that Mr. Collins would take away the money from her and her daughters. Mr. Bennet kind of like Mr. Collins before and thinks that he is very gentle and intelligence, however, after couple conversations and his behaviors, Mr. Bennet thinks that Mr....

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... she would agree the marriage later. Mrs. Bennet wants Elizabeth to marry with Mr. Collins so that they could keep the money after Mr. Bennet die. Mr. Bennet totally agrees with Elizabeth and does not want his favorite daughters to marry with this type of man.
11. Austen often uses satire to ridicule characters and situations. Find one place in these chapters that made you laugh, explain why.
I laugh at Mr. Collins proposal because this proposal shows he does not deserve what he has right now. As a Clergyman, he supposes to do things that good for others, however, all he does is for him, the money and the beautiful woman. Mr. Collins chooses Jane to be his wife before, but when he knows that she might engage, he changes his target to Elizabeth because Elizabeth is the second beautiful one. He cares about the beauty more than the person, which is satire to a clergyman.

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