Essay on How Does Measure Personality Have You Ever Felt Flustered With Someone?

Essay on How Does Measure Personality Have You Ever Felt Flustered With Someone?

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How to Measure Personality
Have you ever felt flustered with someone because you did not understand their nature or
how to deal with them? Many people have trouble fully understanding personality: the
individual differences characterized by certain thoughts, feelings, and behaviors associated with
a certain group of individuals
(Pervin, 2000). Although people are different and unique, there are still some major traits that fit
certain people. This paper analyzes personality tests and what they say about people.
First of all, I took the Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KS-II) to find my personality type.
The Keirsey test was created by Dr. David Keirsey in 1978 (1996) and was designed to measure
the student 's understanding of their temperament (Leenerts, 2003). The test is evaluated on the 4
following preference scales: Extroversion (Expressive) vs. Introversion (Attentive), Sensing
(Observant) vs. Intuiting (Introspective), Thinking (Tough-minded) vs. Feeling (Friendly), and
Judging (Scheduled) vs. Perceiving (Probing). The method behind discovering temperament is
broken down into sections called rings. Rings use questions from the Sensing vs. Intuiting scale
to determine if one is a more abstract or concrete person. Concrete people are more observant
and down to earth, while abstracts look inside with their head in the clouds. Next, one is
determined on a Cooperative (working with others to do what 's right) vs. Pragmatic (using
thoughts and feelings to do what one thinks is right) scale. Combining the two will give one of
the four temperaments: Artisan, Guardian, Rationalist, or Idealist. The third part is Directive vs.
Informative. This scale determines how one normally communicates with others, dividing the
temperaments into 8 su...

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...on attitudes". Also, MBTI emphasized the extroversion/introversion
(expressive/attentive) dichotomy and uses a linear four-factor model. On the other hand, Keirsey
emphasizes a sensing/intuiting (concrete/abstract) dichotomy and uses a systems field theory
model (Keirsey, 1996). Although Keirsey and Myers-Briggs both have their pros and cons, I
think the Myers-Briggs test is more useful than Keirsey. My reasoning behind this opinion is
that MBTI is used for counseling, psychological therapy, private industry, U.S. military, and
federal government (“Personality Testing in the Workplace”). In an environment where a
person 's type is highly evaluated, you would want to use MBTI because it groups by the
dominant attitude, not just by temperament. These personality tests have broadened my
understanding of how to evaluate one 's personality type and what they are used for.

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