How Does Lighting Affect The Way People Light Their Homes And Buildings?

How Does Lighting Affect The Way People Light Their Homes And Buildings?

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From recent research and events in the lighting business there is a new horizon on the way that will change the way people light their homes and buildings. This new transformation is known as OLED which stands for Organic light emitting diodes. OLED uses organic matter which is what makes plant and animals to emit light. The composition of OLED consists of a layers of ultra-thin organic matter which some have a thickness of hundreds of nanometers which are the size of 1/1000 diameter of hair. The OLED layers create a sandwich between positive and negative electrodes that allows for light to be produced.

In comparison to Incandescent lighting bulbs, fluorescent lamps, and LED there are differences as well as similarities in the areas of illustration, Principle of light emission, characteristics and uses. When looking at the illustration or appearance of the different lighting sources LED lighting stands out from its competitors because it takes the shape of a thin square. Other forms of lighting in appearance are more three dimensional and are shaped in the forms of a bulb or lamp. The thin shape of OLED 1mm, has the advantage of taking up less space which spears opportunity for illumination to take place in areas such as shelving and doors. This thin shape can also enhance the fuel economy of cars and airplanes because of its light weight. Along with its thin shape OLED has the feature of being able to curve which is one feature that no other lighting sources is capable of doing. This flexibility is predicted to produce a rapid development in innovative design ideas. The next characteristic of comparison to look at is the principle of light emission. OLED lighting emits light from a current to organic material while th...

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...ia and Jacksonville, Florida. General Electric started working with San Diego in 2014 when they installed a light Grid, which is a wireless system that controls 3,000 street lights remotely. This new initiative saved the city $250,000 annually. The new GE pilot of smart cities in San Diego is the first in the U.S. The city of San Diego is excited about this new technology because they are aware of the benefits of cities who have the capability of obtaining data from LED lighting. It will be interesting to watch the results of piloting theses LED cities to see how they are effecting peoples lives for the good. There are many supporters of smart cities in the U. S. and just this fall the White House announced that they would invest $160 million in the new “Smart Cities” initiatives that have been created to help cities use technology to develop better communities.

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