How Does Language Affect The Views Of Society? Essay

How Does Language Affect The Views Of Society? Essay

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The history of language can be seen to correlate with the views of society. The words used to describe groups and the tone associated is a hindrance to acceptance of all the ways people are groups. From the stereotypes that are well known to the underlining prejudice that society never realizes. The words spoken can have a greater impact than once believed and as the ability to vocalize these words become greater the more prejudice can be seen to occur. Women have been seen to be a group that has been defined. The diminishing ability to get outside society beliefs does not only affect a women psychologically but also prevents from societal advancements. The language used for women to this day suppresses them from their potential in school, work, promotions, and society.
In schools prejudice is taught without recognition of this by the language used. This prejudice can be found in the way students are taught and the textbooks themselves. After, “analysed five million words from children 's textbooks in the United States” Graham, “found that although there are more women than men in the world, these textbooks contained over seven times as many references to men as women and more than twice as many references to boys as compared with girls”(Iranian text book). The textbooks used within a school can have an influence on children physiologically and by allowing the difference in the amount of references to men than to women can cause this underlining difference to begin. “There were also three times as many wives mentioned as husbands indicating that the main characters or speakers in the text were male”(Iranian Textbooks). The inability to allow women to be distinguished within text can make the impression on younger children that ...

... middle of paper ... By speaking up about the prejudice seen in language on social media the speaker can both feel better and make a positive impact. The casual dialect used in language today can be viewed as harmless but still contains prejudice that allows for the difference based on gender. The tone associated and the hidden meaning for the words based on gender shows how society still has a negative connotation towards females. Since many women are scrutinized in the work environment females are often seen as putting one another down so that they can advance within the business and to prevent the associated of weak. Prejudice against women can be seen to begin from a young age and is prevalent and continually mentioned within text associated with different ages. The language used can seem irrelevant at first but with time the prejudice within society is slowly being revealed.

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