How Does Instant Gratification Affect Our Lives? Essay

How Does Instant Gratification Affect Our Lives? Essay

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Instant gratification is defined as fulfilling satisfactions gained by impulsive behaviors, or in laymen’s terms, choosing now over tomorrow. In today’s high pace society each person desires results, and they want them quickly because of smart phones. Smart phones grant the ability to stay connected, communicate, and search for information instantly. The convenience and instantaneous nature of smart phones has created a society that is impatient. By being able to connect and communicate at all times, it is now expected from each other. Cell phones are in possession throughout nearly the entire day so people can become upset if someone doesn’t respond or react in a timely manner. This habit is shifting to other aspects of daily life because we have countless interactions on our phones throughout the entire day. Social networks help feed into the impulsive desire by providing instant feedback on thoughts or feelings that individuals have when making posts online. A simple, yet strong proof of this trend is the creation of the social network Vine; a feed of short, looping, user created videos that last only six seconds. People have shifted from minute long YouTube videos to six second Vines. People would rather watch ten Vines (sixty seconds worth), than a one minute long YouTube Video because they feel as if they are getting more out of it.
The demands of society has created a habit of people to multitask. Although multitasking is common now, society doesn’t multitask as well as they envision. In fact, high volume, intense, busy careers require the skill of multitasking for you to succeed. All of which takes a certain ability to concentrate through many distractions while completing multiple tasks simultaneously. This skill is simp...

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...Too many parents today stick a tablet in front of their child before and during dinner to keep the child distracted. This is going to cause the technology dependency at very young ages because these children don’t know any better! Parents’ of this generation saw the beginning of the technological evolution, the current generation is experiencing the evolution, and the next generation is going to be completely engulfed by it.
Are our brains being rewired for the better? Maybe so, however, to answer this depends on what ones goals are for improvement. It is a liberating experience not being connected and it actually feels kind of primal in a sick futuristic way. Most people can’t go a single day without their phone, that’s how strong the bond is. If people avoid the distractions brought by cell phones, it is guaranteed they will have more free time throughout the day.

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