How Does Illiteracy Affect Our Society? Essay

How Does Illiteracy Affect Our Society? Essay

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How does illiteracy affect our society? Illiteracy is a big problem in our society, even though it does not seem like it. It is affecting our society drastically both socially and economically. Illiterate individuals are endangering themselves in their daily survival. Also, literacy is something that we need nowadays to survive in society. Reading and writing are some of the most important skills that humans need in their everyday lives, so it is important that they obtain literacy in their early development. Most of the people in our society do not have the opportunity to be literate in their life time. It is important that the government reach out to those people who do not have the opportunity to be literate. Illiteracy is an ongoing critical problem in our society that will eventually distress the future humankind, as illiterate people have panic issues, illiteracy undermines democracy in the US, and illiterate people have difficulty providing for their family.
People with lack of education tend to suffer from panic issues due to the fear of getting caught in situations. For example, people with no education are scared of the humiliation that they have to face among others. There is no compassion in the real world; there will not be anyone sympathizing with the fact that there are illiterate people. Illiterate individuals are scared of the judgments and critics that are waiting for them in the real world. This scary truth always tends to haunt them, make them stay at home, and avoid interfering or communicating with society. As the world is progressing, the number of illiterate people are being reduced, but there still is a minority that exists, and they are the ones that forget to move on with progression. There won’t be an...

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...child’s thinking mentality. Also, in order to teach a child parents also must be educated. Then only, they will be able to read a book to their children and help them with their homework. Providing for the family includes having skills such as managing financial matters and helping the kids with their studies; and to do these things education is important.
Illiteracy is like a poisonous venom that damages the society inch by inch, it causes people to have panic issues, impacts political system drastically, and makes it harder to provide for family. For the betterment and the safety of the country; illiteracy should be treated from its roots and make it secure for the upcoming generations. Even though it does not seem like it, illiteracy is been hidden in this society and it damages the society without anyone knowing. Are you doing your part to help stop illiteracy?

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