How Does Employment Affect The Citizens Of Iraq After The Iraq War? Essay

How Does Employment Affect The Citizens Of Iraq After The Iraq War? Essay

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How did employment affect the citizens of Iraq after the Iraq war? This question triggers my thinking about how life has drastically changed in multiple areas around the world as a consequence of the lack of jobs in countries. Civilians suffer the effect of the relentless violence and the extremely poor security conditions that are disrupting the lives and livelihoods of millions in Iraq. Thousands of people are killed and many more injured. The madness from shootings, bombings, abductions, murders, military operations and other forms of violence are forcing thousands of people to flee their homes and seek safety elsewhere in Iraq or in neighboring countries. For my research essay, after reading “The Corpse Washer” by Sinan Antoon, I have put my attention to the unemployment conditions after war and the consequences that led millions to a shocking life. Unemployment and poverty levels are significantly high and many families continue to rely on government food supplies to cover their immediate physiological needs.
I chose to write about the affects of employment since I consider myself as a business oriented person. A bunch of questions popped up in my head as I was reading through the novel, I have used multiple sources to find the answers of these questions in order to help me write my essay. How can one live life with no job? Is having a job as a corpse washer better than no job at all? If every job requires customers then who is left in their damaged country that they call home? How are they dealing with the outcomes of war? I have lived in Jordan for 10 years and had great experiences there. Back in 2006 as a young boy who went to a private school, I never knew why there were so many Iraqi students in my school. After years ...

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...te of the unemployment rate after war in Iraq is 28 percent. This is a very high unemployment rate; Iraqi households consider unemployment to be one of their most pressing problems. The life I pictured while reading “The Corpse Washer” was explained in detail after gathering sources and arranging the events in chronological order. The country suffocated after U.S led invasion in 2003, leaving ashes on the ground they once called home. The consequences of war were horrific leading millions of Iraqis to poverty. Famine has tremendously increased throughout the years of war. Health services and infrastructure went downhill causing jobs to be very limited to the people of Iraq. Jawad, the young corpse washer, has experienced many obstacles trying to pursue his dream as an Artist. Unemployment can have a major effect on one’s life, turning joyful memories into tragedies.

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