How Does Electoral College Work? Essay

How Does Electoral College Work? Essay

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"How does electoral college work? What does f(x) = 9x +10 look like? Define conjunctivitis. Translate “I am fine” to Korean.” An artificially controlled assistant like Siri has a response to all of these questions. It assists us in almost every aspect of our lives and imagining a day without it is now out of the question. Growth and evolution of technology have immensely changed the perception of how we perform our daily tasks. The vast availability of computers, touch screen devices, and digital tools flood in nearly all homes providing much simpler ways of housing and shopping. Nevertheless, in education, technology engenders a popular concern to whether it is good or bad for the new generation of youth. David Theo Goldberg, a digital humanist, posted an essay titled “If Technology is Making Us Stupid, It’s Not Technology’s Fault”, to a technology blog,, on August 16, 2010. In his essay, he convinces the audience that various accusations on technology emerge from generalization, and cannot simply outshine the fact that it is a vital tool in the present day. Through the use of organization and structure, several analogies, and a pedantic writing style, Goldberg masterfully explores the positive impact it has on our education system.

Goldberg constructs his argument in such a way where he is able to disclose his belief in a gradual manner to present all of his key ideas. His systematic approach creates a road map for the reader to understand who the system holds culpable, where the blame lies, and what his counterargument is. He uses a flip-side technique by initially presenting the opposing argument such as the “introduction of computers in homes [leads] to children spending less time on homework and more time on ...

... middle of paper ...

...berg argues that many types of research against technology and education spark from generalization, and tend to overlook its true capabilities (301). In the last subtopic, Goldberg clarifies that social situations are the main factor for academic failures, and it is essential not to overlook the benefits technology brings to our education system (302). After rigorously analyzing Golberg’s essay, I realized that technology is simply a tool that can be used effectively or ineffectively depending on the user. As a college student, technology can cause distractions but, it is overshadowed by the numerous benefits it offers such as online learning, connecting with my professor outside of class and infinite research opportunities. If you are still not convinced, take out your phone and ask Siri or another voice-controlled assistant, “ what is the boiling point of ethanol?”

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