Essay on How Does Drugs Affect Our Lives?

Essay on How Does Drugs Affect Our Lives?

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I am analyzing a photograph that was taken in Afghanistan in July of 2010. Afghanistan is a place where a very large portion of the population is addicted to heroin and other drugs. This country is torn apart from all of the wars and fighting that has occurred there. It is so difficult for farmers to make enough to support their families so they have to grow illegal plants and sell them to make a profit. Militant groups are also funded by the sales of these drugs. Not many users in Afghanistan know about the dangers of diseases found in blood such as HIV or AIDS. The country is simply too poor to afford education on these matters. The image shows how an old, dirty rag has been firmly wrapped around the bicep of the arm and a needle is being inserted into the vein of the man. The chances that the needle is dirty and has been used before are very high. Infection is another risk for them because of the dirty conditions they are living in. This image was taken to show how drugs can affect the environment a person lives in by appealing to the viewer’s pathos, logos, and ethos.
This photograph helps to show the environment and the conditions that IDU’s (injecting drug users) are subjecting themselves to. The needles used are shared between multiple people to inject drugs into themselves and into each other. They do not take the time to sterilize the needles between people. This is how bloodborne pathogens are spread along with other germs from where the needles are kept. If the drugs do not kill them, then the diseases will.
Both of the men have dirty hands and are wearing old, grimy clothes. The room that they are in is dark, unfinished, and more than likely damp and cold. The cinder block walls are cracked and crumbling with a hole i...

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...been able to buy better clothes, have better hygiene, and have furnishings for their house. Due to their poor judgement, they have to go without these basic accommodations that could help them to live a life that is much more healthy and comfortable.
Drugs can make an impact on anyone’s life due to the poor decisions that they make. These Afghans do not know about the consequences of using drugs or sharing needles and it will hurt most of them in the end when they have contracted diseases. Since all their money is spent on these drugs, they will have nothing left to live off of. A lack of money will most likely lead to them living on the streets. This can be a very bad thing in the winter, sickness and death are possible outcomes from the weather. This image was taken to show how drugs can affect the environment that they live in and the lifestyle that they lead.

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