How Does Color Affect Us? Essay

How Does Color Affect Us? Essay

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Have you ever wondered why yellow makes you irritated? Why purple makes you feel happy? Why green calms you? Why orange helps you feel energized? Many people think that colors are just colors. But in reality, colors have been useful throughout the years as they have an huge impact on our lives. Many of us need to be aware of colors that surround us in everyday life.
According to Elizabeth Walling (January 8, 2011), colors can be used to influence emotions and the feelings around us. That’s why something so simple like the color of a room affects people in several ways including the way they feel. The color red may trigger passionate feelings of anger of exposed to the color in a long period of time. The color green may calms others as it reminds them of nature. In conclusion, Elizabeth Walling says that it impacts our lives whether if it's a negative or a positive result.
Another idea by Susan Minamyer (2014) is that color makes a big difference, even something so small like the color of your bracelet can either bring good or bad reactions from others. Scientists have studied the after effects of color on feelings and a way of thinking for many years. For example, An experiment resulted in good success as it was figured out that jail cells that are painted pink calms prisioners. It was said that pink is known as a tranquilizing color that saps your energy. The color is so effective that the color blind are tranquilized by pink rooms. It was also believed that skin could read color and the body, emotions and mind react as a Neuropsychologist discovered people who are blindfolded respond to different rays of color. Another study, students used Kaleidoscope Therapy in which serveral light colors are visable around a therapy room....

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...used as a healing aid including relieving stress and anxiety, rebalance the energy in the body, and transform your life.

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