Essay on How Does Color Affect Us On A Subliminal Level?

Essay on How Does Color Affect Us On A Subliminal Level?

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We are visual creatures. Colors are a ubiquitous part of our lives and every visual stimulus contains color information. Our moods, thoughts, and behaviors are subliminally influenced by what we see and the array of colors that make up what surround us. We are able to detect 16.7 million different colors (Barker, E., 2004). We use color to know when to stop and go, which fruits and vegetables to buy, and what clothes to wear when going to a sports game. These daily practices create preconceived associations with colors. For example, yellow is sunny and happy, blue is sad, red is angry, etc. Yet, in what context do these correlations change, and how does color affect us on a subliminal level? Does yellow signify happiness because one grew up to believe it does, or does it, in fact, make one feel happier? It is certain that color, one way or another, affects us.
Some researchers hypothesize that each color triggers certain hormones eliciting different responses. Biologically, we (with the exception of those who are colorblind) perceive color the same. However, it is not certain whether our psychological perception of color is the same. One color might prompt a different response in one person than it would in another. Researchers have been trying to determine a universal response to particular colors.
There is little research on color psychology, and the few studies conducted are driven mostly by practical concern and lack carefully controlled experimentation. This makes much of the conclusions about color associations and their implications elusive. Most of the existing research on color psychology is not theoretically based, but centered on the relations between color stimuli and behavior for pragmatic purposes without attempti...

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...e material, will feel submissive and small in the black room, causing them to do worse on the tests. The white room will follow the same pattern as before and predictably be ineffective and not affect the results.
In conclusion, I believe that the color red will have a negative effect on mood, sociability, and one of the worst effects on academic performance; blue will have a positive effect on mood, sociability, and performance; green will have a similarly positive effect on mood and sociability, and the most positive effect on performance; yellow will have the most positive effect on mood and sociability, and a slightly negative effect on performance; black will have a negative effect on mood and sociability, and have a varied effect on performance; and the results of the white room will be used as a baseline with which to compare the results of the other rooms.

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