Essay about How Does Climate Change Affects Glaciers

Essay about How Does Climate Change Affects Glaciers

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Glaciers have been around for millions of years and with the arrival of global warming there being threatened and challenged by warmer weather conditions and many of them have already melted and this has happened before but there has normally been a ice age and the glaciers just grow back but with the arrival of global warming the chance of a ice age has gotten much smaller and so has the chance of the glaciers that have melted to grow back or for new glaciers to form. For my global perspective I will be looking at the whitechuck glacier in Washington that from about 1970 to 2011 has retreated about 2 km and has lost half it's surface area. For my local perspective I will be doing the fox glacier which in just the last about 25 years has
melted a fair distance about 400 meters is my best estimate and is retreating again and may not slow down or stop. For my national glacier I will be doing the tasman glacier which is melting at a rapid rate now has a large terminal lake in it and may not last much longer. glaciers all over the world are melting or have melted and with the glaciers melting this could be a warning that the arctic or antarctic could melt and that would have disastrous consequences with sea levels rising over 60 meters but everyone thinks the chance of it melting is very small but i bet a few hundred years ago people thought that glaciers wouldn’t melt away and many of them have gone now so who knows what the future could hold if we temperatures and CO2 levels keep rising future generations could be in deep trouble.

The whitechuck glacier which is found in Washington has been retreating rapidly since the end of the "the little ice age" which was a period of colder weather but not a full blown ice a...

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...with the tour groups spending so much extra money making it safe the cost of going on this incredible glacier will go up and up until it is not worth going on it and this will impact the tourism and the glacier guides will probably stop and no one will be able to see this glacier which will be such a shame.

for my national case study i will look at the tasman glacier located in mount cook national park and from 1990’s has retreated about 180 meters a year and now is retreating even faster up to 800+ meters a year and won't stay around for much longer, it already has a large terminal lake that in 1973 did not exist but now in 2008 and now has a water volume of 3.4 billion meters cubed which is absolutely huge. the tasman is new zealands longest glacier it is 27 km long is a huge glacier but this does not affect the rate that the glacier is melting and

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