How Does Change Blindness Occur From Passive Viewing Of 2 D Displays? Essays

How Does Change Blindness Occur From Passive Viewing Of 2 D Displays? Essays

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1 – Briefly describe the aim(s) of the study
In the abstract the authors clearly state that their primary and secondary aims are to determine he presence and factors, such as social out-group membership, that affect change blindness in a real world situation, as opposed to still images and motion pictures.

2 – Indicate whether or not the study was theoretically motivated.
Within the abstract and introductory paragraph there is mention of literature that motivated this study. The authors speak of different studies that lead convincing arguments that demonstrate change blindness for objects in still images and in motion pictures, however these studies do not detail real world scenarios and the authors speak about this later within the abstract. The authors then speak of another study and reject its hypothesis detailing that change blindness resulted from passive viewing of 2-D displays. This study now has a foundation of many scientific papers and is not reproducing findings but is building on new ground, never before has change blindness been tested in real world scenarios in this manner and been documented in a scientific journal.
There are minimal to no assumptions made and all points made during the introductory paragraphs have reference to previous literature. The paper is built on a foundation that is when retinally localizable information signalling a change is masked by an eye movement or a flashed blank screen, observers have difficulty detecting changes to the visual details of a scene is called “change blindness” and will be referred as from now on and previously in the analysis.
Some of the literature that is core for this paper is a claim that memory for scenes is often distorted, quiet sparse, subject to suggestion a...

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...te whether the study was ethical.
The study breached no major ethical guidelines other than that the pedestrians were not informed that they were taking part of a psychological experiment prior to being involved in the experiment and this would lead to errors in results as observed even when pedestrians were not told beforehand although when asked directly some pedestrians claimed they noticed the change in experimenter but nothing unusual, as stated before this would be due to social demands in the situation causing them to report false results in order to be accepted or seen as superior in the results. The affect could be worsened but could still be accounted for in results, if a pedestrian was to lie about noticing an irregularity the experimenter could simply ask what the irregularity would be as they did during the experiment to make sure all results were valid.

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