Essay on How Does Appearances Affect Our Lives?

Essay on How Does Appearances Affect Our Lives?

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For many years women were seen as meek nurturing beings, especially in the past when a woman’s role was to take care of their children and their homes. However, we must understand that women are just as capable of being deceitful and manipulative, especially when it comes to their friends. Although, I still believe we need to be open to seeing the goodness in people, but we need to keep in mind that appearances can be deceiving and things aren’t always what they seem. Often we allow our jealousy to get the better of us, causing us to want what others possess. When in truth we only see the picture that is portrayed for us, sometimes our perceptions can be skewed, not allowing us to see an accurate picture of their life. My point is it’s easy to become envious with desire and have no true understanding of what happens behind closed doors. No matter how well we feel we know someone it is unrealistic to assume we know everything about another person. Everyone carries their happiness, accomplishments, and burdens differently. One person’s burden can be someone else’s gift. Friendships between women dance along the lines of love and hate. Unfortunately, friendships aren’t always what they seem. Many women are guilty of participating in an unspoken competition with one another. Many times they don’t even realize they are involved in this silent competition until it is too late. Sadly, these competitions result in betrayal and untruths that can alter ones friendships and lives forever. The short story “Roman Fever” introduces us to childhood friends Alida Slade and Grace Ansley, and allows us to be a part of their conversation that is filled with revelations.
Considering that these women had known each other most of their lives and grew u...

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...dern women, all while her only child was fathered by her friend’s fiancé. Fully showing that everything that meets the eye is not always accurate. We have to allow ourselves to be more perceptive of those we consider our friends. Grace may never have uttered a word to Alida about Barbara belonging to Mr. Slade and revealing he had met her that night, though she had every right to know. It seems out of pure anger to seek revenge upon Alida and the revelation that a note Grace had held so dear to her heart had been made a spectacle of. Whereas if Alida had not acted on her jealous emotions she would not have pushed her love and her friend together that evening. By no means does this excuse the behavior or ill actions of Grace but, it resounds thoughts that we cannot act on emotions like rage and jealousy, the results will never be something we will want to live with.

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