Essay on How Does an Author Go About Winning a Pulitzer Prize

Essay on How Does an Author Go About Winning a Pulitzer Prize

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How does an author go about winning a Pulitzer Prize? That is a question I have always had. Winning a Pulitzer Prize requires an author’s work to go through a rigorous selection process that judges every element imaginable. Everything from the content of the story, to the source material of a news article, and the historical significance of the work is brought into it. The two Pulitzer Prize winning authors we talked about in class, Susan Glaspell and William Faulkner, had some of their work put through this test and came out victorious. The background and selection process of the Pulitzer Prizes, the background of these authors, and the stories they submitted , all were major factors in their success.
First, what is a Pulitzer Prize, and how is it awarded? Pulitzer Prizes is awarded for excellence in many areas and what is awarded is able to change over time as things become necessary or not needed anymore. The prizes are named after Joseph Pulitzer, a very distinguished journalist, who in his will left the foundation for the first Pulitzer Prizes. As part of his provisions, he granted the ability for the board to make changes to the prizes. They have the ability to suspend, substitute and add award categories as necessary for the public good or to account for unforeseeable changes that the future would bring. He also stated in his provisions that the prize is not required to be rewarded if none of the choices met the standards he wished the prize to set. Pulitzer hoped that by setting high standards and allowing for necessary changes in the future, the Pulitzer Prizes would help elevate journalism and other types of writing and art, and also set a benchmark for such things for people to strive for (Topping).
So, how are Pulitz...

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...he influences of the writers, and how those influences were applied, all played a major role in the winning of a Pulitzer Prize.

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