How Does Aging Matter? Essay

How Does Aging Matter? Essay

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1. How and/or why does aging matter to you?
Whether we want to realize it or not, every single second of every minute of every hour of every day and so on we as humans are aging. With this fact we can only, ask ourselves one question which is “How and/or why does aging matter to us?” This question is very open ended with the fact that you can get completely different answers from people. The five reasons that immediately came to mind were, inevitability, adaptation (changing world), family, and awareness with each having a very unique and definite reason behind it.
While physical aging may take time to be noticeable, whether it be growing, shrinking, gorwing a beard or having grey hair, there is no way for us to prevent any of this naturally, aging is inevitable. “But we equally cannot ignore the fact that old age is, for all its manifest blessings, the departure lounge for the voyage to the undiscovered country; and all of us have a guaranteed ticket” (Stuart-Hamilton, 433). There is no better way to say it than this quote, we all will grow old and die one way or another and we will have to live with it every step of the way.
Most people don’t like change, but it’s a part of life and something we will have to continuously adapt to, whether it be technology or something more broad like the climate. “Resilience is an important component of healthy ageing. It means that older people are able to maintain their integrity, view their life as one with purpose, continue involvement with others around them, and maintain their ability to adapt to changing circumstances” (Stuart-Hamilton, 78). While you can hope to simply rely on people to help you with the changing world, you are going to want to adapt and follow the changes unless you ...

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...ample “In a study to discover symptoms of community-dwelling elders aged 60 or older with advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), or cancer, 86 per cent reported at least one symptom as moderate or severe. The most commonly reported symptoms included limited activity (61 per cent), fatigue (47 per cent), and physical discomfort (38 per cent)” (Stuart-Hamilton, 418).
Every gerontologist has his or her own mindset on what is the best and most effective way to study gerontology. While there are so many factors that go into gerontology overall, it opens up a very large opportunity for gerontologists to communicate and learn from each other not only to benefit themselves. So while the background of the gerontologist, culture, literature, and studies will continue on, there will always be growing methods to help us all learn.

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