How does Age and Education Level Affect your Health Knowledge? Essay

How does Age and Education Level Affect your Health Knowledge? Essay

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Being in good health is not only healthy for you, it is important because it can help you with your confidence and you can receive more energy in the day. As kids we all think school is boring and we would rather be hanging out with our friends then sitting in class and listening to the teacher, but the fact is the higher education level you acquire can be directly related to your health. The education you receive can also improve help you because it will increase your knowledge and you will have a better understanding on how to take care of yourself, what I mean by this is becoming aware of your symptoms earlier and deciding if it’s something minor like a small cold, or something major like the flu. There is also a link between your gender and you knowledge on health. The studied had shown that education had a higher impact on females then males. “To entertain the possibility that the impact of schooling on health knowledge differs between males and females, we re-estimated the models by adding an interaction variable between attendance and a dichotomous variable to indicate if the person is female. The results, presented in Altindag et al. (2010), demonstrate that the impact of schooling is greater for females, and in some of the alcohol-related questions, such as alcohol-addiction and alcohol-liver damage, education has an impact on the health knowledge for females but not for males” (Cannonier, C, Altindag, D. 2011).

The methods used
In the Hints survey 2007 the question was “Are you male or female?” There were only two responses that could be picked the first response was male, while the second response was female. The data was collected by phone and mail, the number of people in the survey was 7,665. The number of males in ...

... middle of paper ...

...dence in males. This is keeping in mind only how they feel about taking care of themselves not actually how they are about taking care of themselves which could affect that data that was acquired.

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