Essay on How Does Advertising Work?

Essay on How Does Advertising Work?

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Did you know that the United States spends between two to three percent of national gross product on advertisements? It may not seem like a lot, but it is. Advertisements are a key part of our modern society and they are everywhere we look. So how does advertisements work?
First lets start with what advertising is, and how it originated. A simplified definition of what advertising is “the action of capturing the publics attention to a service, need or product by using mediums like newspapers, magazines, radio and television”. One of the many origins of advertising came to be when The New York Sun decided to do something different in order to generate more revenue. They had the cleverer idea of switching from only paid subscribers to paid advertisers. Now instead of only depending on the money generated by subscribers, they cold also depend on what business where willing to pay in order to get their name on one of New Yorks most successful papers. This was known as “selling in print”. (Dahlen) At the time print was one of the only means of media communication until the invention of the TV, radio and online advertising. Due to the new evolution of these three medias the world of advertising evolved from “print” to what is now known as “mass media” production. It is projected that the Internet alone will account for over 33% of the advertising spending in the year 2017. (Rosengren)
Now lets talk about they way advertising works. “Agencies are having to turn to psychological methods in order to find out what makes consumers tick- and most importantly buy”. (Reed) Advertising is much more that just placing a product on a magazine, radio or television. There has to be in dept. studies of where, how and what kind of advertising to pro...

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...n, their main focus is to try and target a more mature audiences. Many of the commercials that where showed during this time had to do with medicine, doctor recommended studies, funeral homes and senior living. When “The Chew” (a show having to do with food and home décor) started, commercial once again shifted to this time include more home base products, foods and other products are more appealing to home owners. From all they year I have spent watching cable television, I never noticed how drastically commercial change in order to target specific audiences.
Advertising is a really interesting concept, not only because it has to do with the study of people and how they react to different products but because it is always changing. The more we progress towards a more technological form of communication, the more advertising with shift in order to fit those needs.

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