How Does A Work Helps Work On The Relationships Within Their Own Individual Methods?

How Does A Work Helps Work On The Relationships Within Their Own Individual Methods?

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There are an endless number of ways a manager can work on the relationships within his/her clinic. Most leaders will need to develop their own individual methods as a result of having a variety of personalities and leadership styles. Although, there are some solid principles that would apply to anyone, there is not a cookie-cutter approach to building relationships. A manager will need to educate himself/herself on ways to build and adequately maintain healthy relationships with staff members. A recommendation would be to obtain a good book or a good article that would speak to this subject. One of my favorite and most impacting relationship books is The One Minute Manager (Blanchard & Johnson, 1982). It discusses the importance of spending daily time, as little as one minute, with each person that a leader has the privilege of leading. There are other ways of learning about relationship building, such as podcasts and YouTube videos.
If relationships are an area of weakness for a particular leader, he/she should attempt to recruit help from others on the staff who may be more natural in their attempts. For example, I know of a clinical manager who does a wonderful job at managing the business side of the clinic, but she struggles with creating ideas to improve relationships. Therefore, she works as a team with the charge nurse, who is more outgoing with people. The charge nurse brainstorms ideas and discovers ways to implement them, but the clinical manager gives her the freedom she needs to get the job done. In addition, the clinical manager always participates in some way to ensure that she is involved.
In my own experience as a dialysis manager, I greatly improved the morale of my clinic by implemen...

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...ity, there could first be one-on-one presentations with the other facility managers. If the information proved to be helpful, a submission to one of the national nephrology journals could be a possibility.
With the severe nature of issues being dealt with on a regular basis, the morale of the staff is an issue in most dialysis clinics. It can eventually produce a negative impact on the quality of care. The research showed intentional efforts of relationship building and adequate staffing as the major building blocks of good morale that will transform the workplace. By giving managers and other vital leaders insight on key factors that improve morale, clinic environments can improve drastically. The impact of a better environment includes happier employees, greater productivity, improved finances, retention of staff, and ultimately better patient care.

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