Essay on How Does A Saturated Fat And An Unsaturated Fat At The Molecular Level?

Essay on How Does A Saturated Fat And An Unsaturated Fat At The Molecular Level?

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5. How can you distinguish between a saturated fat and an unsaturated fat at the molecular level?
Saturated and unsaturated fats differ in their chemical structures. Saturated fats have no double bond between molecules, which means there are no gaps and the fat is saturated with hydrogen molecules. On the other hand, unsaturated fats have double bonds, which break up the chain of hydrogen molecules and create gaps, allowing the fats to liquefy at room temperature.
Describe the process of facilitated diffusion and active transport
Facilitated diffusion is a process of transportation of molecules across cell membrane form an area of high concentration to an area of low transportation through protein channels
Active transport is when a protein moves a certain material across the membrane from a region of lower concentration to a region of higher concentration against the concentration gradient using energy.

6. How do large molecules, such as proteins, get into a cell?
Large molecules such as proteins get into a cell through a process called ENDOCYTOSIS. inthis process a portion of the inward-facing surface of the plasma membrane becomes coated with a protein called clathrin, which stabilizes this section of the membrane. The coated portion of the membrane then extends from the body of the cell and surrounds the particle, eventually enclosing it. Once the vesicle containing the particle is enclosed within the cell, the clathrin disengages from the membrane and the vesicle merges with a lysosome for the breakdown of the material in the newly-formed compartment (endosome). When accessible nutrients from the degradation of the vesicular contents have been extracted, the newly-formed endosome merges with the plasma membrane and releases...

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...ton will create Proton Motive Force. PMF is then used by ATP synthase to create ATP, as the immediate movement of protons back down along the gradient concentration of H+. ATP synthase is like a turbine that will move/rotate when protons run down along it. The movement of protons via ATP synthase will power this turbine to energize and synthesize ATP from ADP + Pi

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