How Does A Person 's Psychological Disorders Affect Interpersonal Communication Within Romantic And Close Friend Relationships?

How Does A Person 's Psychological Disorders Affect Interpersonal Communication Within Romantic And Close Friend Relationships?

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Many people suffer from psychological disorders that impair their ability to create and sustain positive relationships that fulfill the human need for companionship in the form of romantic and close friend relationships simply because these disorders affect their ability to effectively communicate on an interpersonal level. Since these people often deal with social skills deficiencies, many of them have not been able to learn “how to express themselves in a more personally revealing manner” (Cumming & Rapee, 2010); therefore, research on how these disorders work in terms of a person’s interpersonal communication skills is integral to determine how to alter these effects. Unfortunately, not much research has been done on this topic, but it needs to be done because the solutions that can be discovered can aid many of people who deal with these disorders on a daily basis.
How does a person’s psychological disorders that directly impairs a person’s social skills negatively impact interpersonal communication within romantic and close-friend relationships? This question is important because it looks solely at how those who deal with social psychological disorders deal interact and communicate with those who are closest to the person and usually the people they spend the most time with. Unfortunately, most research that addresses the impacts of a social disorder on interpersonal communication involves studies with strangers; therefore, much more research is needed to thoroughly make valid notions of what the exact reasoning is behind the negative effects that psychological disorders have on a person’s ability to communicate with their closest loved ones.
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The study at hand studied the role that social anxiety plays on the ways that teenagers communicate with others as well as how teenagers utilize socially interactive technologies, such as instant messaging or online social sites, which is of less importance in the context of this research assignment. The study included a group of 280 high school students of varying grades who completed questionnaires that inquired about their general use of socially interactive technologies in addition to their comfort level in interacting with others via a variety of forms that included face-to-face as well as online communication. The study revealed that there was a positive correlation between social anxiety symptoms and feeling more at ease with talking to

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