How Does A Parent Have On Their Child Or Children? Essay

How Does A Parent Have On Their Child Or Children? Essay

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Influence is a word that can explain many things in today’s society and culture. Influence explains why people do the things they do. A child’s influence on how he or she perceives life will stay with them for the rest of their conscious existence. This essay is going to tackle the important question deeming from where that influence comes from. How much and how strong of an influence does a parent have on their child or children. Although children are influenced from the outside world as well, ultimately a child’s values, morals, spiritual awareness and ethics can strongly come from the parents and what they saw in their home while growing up. While planned parenting can be an essential means in physiologically and financially preparing the individuals involved in the planned parenting process, it does help to set a foundation or a root, to bringing a child or children into an environment ready and conducive for raring decent human beings to send off into the world upon reaching adulthood. The parent 's DNA already has some sort of influence on a child from birth. The child can be shy, outgoing, perceptive, or absent-minded, but those characteristics will be shown later in the child’s lifetime, also there are physical attributes that can and does manifests itself as the child develops from infancy on ward. Taking a look at a family, one may be able to perceive where the influence on the child or children are coming from, one maybe able to tell what types of characteristics the children or child has or will have as they continue to develop. Then one can observe the family to see where the dominance of these traits is stemming from. Ascertaining by the observation one can assume that the parents can think of someone in their f...

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...nifestation in their true individual and how influences growing up shaped them to the core. Moreover, as a child may encounter difficulties as he or she progresses toward adulthood, adults may encounter difficulties as they face each new stage in adult life, however their ability to deal with, process and be resilient during these stages can or ultimately comes from a reservoir of mindsets and conceptions and perceptions and lessons learned all from their influences from birth, through adolescence into young adulthood, leading up to adulthood and independence from their parents. Parents are the keys to unlocking the future of their offspring and the role and directions they choose to make and take and each milestone and building block that was laid comes from the influences and impressions made upon them from birth onward to adulthood by their parents.

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