How Do You Make A Wedding? Essay

How Do You Make A Wedding? Essay

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How to Make a Wedding
Fifteen years ago, I planned my own wedding. This was a challenge for my husband and me. At the same time, it was an exciting and important experience in our lives. Our parents and we enjoyed everything in the planning of the wedding. Planning a wedding can seem complicated and stressful, however if you follow three steps, it will be very easy.
First step, set your wedding budget. When you decided to get married, you need to choose the kind and size of ceremony you want to have. For instance, if you want a formal ceremony, it can be necessary that you spend more money than an informal ceremony because you likely use glamorous dresses and elegant decoration. Find out from both sets of parents if or how much they contribute. Also, make a guest list. If you know the number exactly or approximately of guest that you will invite to your wedding, you can calculate the amount of food or drinks for your bridal party, and you can choose a small or big ballroom, or a beach, for example. It Is important too, choose the place you will visit in your honey moon. If you plan this priori, you can save money in tickets and hotel reservation. I think it is very important that you know approximately the amount you have, and you will want to spend in your wedding.
Second step, acquire everything needed for the event. Get shopping and choose your dress. You can choose your wedding dress that you want to use. You should check wedding websites and bridal magazines. Then you start to visit bridal stores for it. You can try many different models and price of dresses. Also, your husband needs to choose his suit. You can buy these, or you can rent it and save money. After choose and order wedding rings. These are very important det...

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...nk you can do it, and you will have the best wedding party.
To sum up, wedding is a giant celebration of love. When you decide to be your own wedding planner, according Jen Glantz you are not alone. It is a whole lot of work with endless amounts of decisions, looming deadlines, budgets to manage, and miles-long to- do list to tend to, planning your own wedding is not simple feat, and you might start to become overwhelmed with stress. Take breaks along the way to give yourself breathing room that you have time for it.
Indeed, organizing a wedding can be a long process, but it is not impossible to do. If you decide to be your own wedding planner, the most important thing is that you can have your dreamed wedding, and you can get it following three basic steps: set your wedding budget, acquire everything needed for the event, and tune up details for the wedding party.

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