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`` How Do You Know Naomi? Essays

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Damnit, what does he want? “What is it Michael?” I regretfully asked.
“How do you know Naomi?” Everyone, including Naomi, had a shocked expression on their face as if they couldn’t believe he asked.
“How I’m…”
“Well Isn’t it obvious,” Naomi vulgarly butted in before I could get my response out. “We’re cousins.” Everyone’s, except for Michael and his already dumb looking smile, expression switched from shocked to relieved after her answer.
“Oh thank goodness,” Ariana cooed, putting her hand over her heart. “My apologies, Tre. I wrongfully excused you for something you didn’t do.”
“I told you there was nothing to worry about, Ariana,” Tia heavily laughed with a hint of nervousness. “He couldn’t possibly pull a girl of that high of caliber without doing some dirty work in advance.”
“My bad, bro,” Mike whispered, coming over and patting me on the arm. “I didn’t know you had such a fine cousin. Can you hook me up with her?”
“I don’t remember ever seeing you,” I told Naomi, now being the one who was confused.
“You don’t?” she asked with a sour face. “It hurts my feelings knowing you don’t remember your favorite cousin.”
Favorite Cousin? Is such a thing possible? “Refresh my memories.”
“I used to come over your house all the time back in middle and high school.”
Oh yeah… I got a cousin name Naomi? “Doesn’t come to mind.”
“Now I know you must be playing. You still haven’t changed, I see.”
“There’s no need to change,” I shrugged. “And there’s must’ve not been any reason for me to remember you if I can’t remember you.”
Wasn’t hard to tell she was pissed after hearing me say that. “So you actually forgot about me, Tre?” she laughed, in a crazy, psycho type of way. “That’s fine, I’m just going to have to jog your memory.”
“Right… ...

... middle of paper ...

...nt. Why does she always have to ruin the moment?
“Then why are you looking at me like that, if you don’t mind me asking. Do I have something on my face? Is it paint?!”
“Just thinking how you are such a nice person,” I sarcastically told her.
“Oh?” She seemed confused, but managed to cover it up with a smile and thumbs up. “Thank you for the observation.”
“What, you’re not taking it as a compliment?”
“You don’t compliment others, but simply make observations,” she explained, tapping me lightly on the nose. “Although, they really are compliments with a slick remarks tagged along at the end, but you refuse to admit it.”
“Is that so?” She thinks she has me all figured out.
“Of course.” She walked over to the passenger side and opened the door. “Now can we please go; it’s starting to get cold.”
I’m actually starting to enjoy hanging around her… A little… For today?

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