How Do You Fuck A Fat Woman? Essay

How Do You Fuck A Fat Woman? Essay

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How Do You Fuck a Fat Woman? By Kate Harding

In How Do You Fuck a Fat Woman? By Kate Harding, she talks about the hatred and negativity fat women encounter from society. According to our society, Harding is considered fat and therefore, she cannot be attractive or loved by anyone. She starts off the article with hateful comments left on her friend 's blogs. “You should consider yourself lucky that some man finds a hideous troll like yourself rape-able,” and “You fat whores would be luck to even get raped by someone” (Harding 68). She goes on to explain that in our society, it has always been believed that a woman’s job is to please a man. Without a man, a woman is nothing. To get a man, you need to be attractive. In society’s eyes, being attractive means being white, thin, blond, and blue eyed. If you don’t meet the standards, you’re ugly. Harding states that in our society today, if you’re an overweight woman, no man will find you attractive or love you. If you do find someone who does, which is rare, there’s something wrong with them (Harding 69). She concludes the article by telling her readers to imagine a world in which women aren’t automatically disqualified from the dating game. A world in which fat women hear men are only interested in thin women and think that’s absurd because that is not close to their experience. She then tells us to imagine a world where someone tells you by being raped, your rapist was doing you a favour. None of this makes sense and this is why there needs to be a change.

I agree with Harding when she talks about how a female’s first job, if not, only job is to be attractive to men. She says “If you were born with a vagina, your primary obligation from the onset of adolescence and well into adult...

... middle of paper ...

...attractive. This goes to show that everyone has different preferences and who one person may find attractive, another person may not. There is no such thing as someone being attractive in everyone’s eyes, however, that is what we are taught to believe. We are taught to believe that being attractive is “an objective assessment, based on a collection of easily identifiable characteristics” (Harding 73). We are taught to believe being skinny, white, able-bodied, blond, and athletic is attractive. You can’t be too athletic though, or else you’ll be perceived as manly. Women have to follow some sort of formula and only then will they be pretty. It shouldn’t be like that. Everybody is beautiful and the only thing important is that you’re happy in your own skin. Our society relies on looks so much and that needs to change. There is so much more to a person than their looks.

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