How Do Social Media Affect Behavior? Essay examples

How Do Social Media Affect Behavior? Essay examples

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Widjy Saint-Paul
Eng. 099
Persuasive Argument essay
How do social media affect behavior?
Studies have shown that environment dictates human behaviors. Past experiences, life events and influences can change how we view the world. Philips Zimbardo, a famous psychologist, once said, “Human behavior is incredibly pliable, plastic.” Social media such as Instagram and Facebook in the 21th century have tremendous influence on human behavior. Nowadays, approximately 1.7 billion people are active on some sort of social media. Since most of these influences are shown through pictures, it can be easily copied and replicated in daily actions and behaviors. The influences of social media on its users’ behaviors have been portrayed in various forms, both negatively such as addiction, cyber bullying, fictional version of life, and positively through socialization and connectivity.
Social media have become very addictive and the center of its user world. Many college students struggle to focus on their schoolwork because they are constantly scrolling on social media. They are distracted at school while professors are getting aggravated that student aren’t paying attention to the lesson, and so after class when they are trying to study. Like any other addiction, social media addiction must and can be treated with various treatments in order to correct daily conduct and behaviors. According “Research Links Addictive Social Media Behavior With Substance Abuse” by Carolyn Gregoire. Psychologists at the University of Albany conducted a study where they found that social media has addictive potential and posed a greater risk for substance abuse.
In addition, bullying has been a major threat to student around the nation. There are numerous campaigns d...

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...t’s be very mindful of what we post and what others post on social media, because the consequences can be harmful physically and mentally to others and ourselves.

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