How Do Sales And Operations Planning During Supply Chain Integration Impact The Company Overall?

How Do Sales And Operations Planning During Supply Chain Integration Impact The Company Overall?

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How do sales and operations planning in supply chain integration impact the company overall?
In all organizational processes that take place, planning is highly important. Through planning, organizations determine the strategies and procedures that are appropriate to use for certain activities. About sales and all other operations of an organization, their planning has a significant positive impact on the organization. In its plans, the organization determines the number of sales that it aims to make within a certain duration of time and then begins formulating strategies and other processes which will enable those sales to be made within the specified duration. It is through sales that an organization manages to acquire gains and thus to ensure that the maximum possible number of products are sold, the organization should formulate good plans. The supply chain of an organization refers to the complete process through which products are formulated and manufactured, advertised, transported to their specific market areas and sold. Within this process, therefore, sales and all these other operations require having efficient plans for the organization to attain success. Good plans on how the sales will be made and how every process will take place efficiently affect the organization positively, while poor plans of both sales and all other processes within the supply chain affect the organization negatively (Schuman, 2016).
What would Amazon 's medium- and long-term forecast inform the operations management department?
Forecast enables an organization to acquire a good representation of what is expected to happen in future, based fro the current state and information available about the organization and other factors like the marke...

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...azon sets an example for other companies to model regarding supply chain integration? Be sure to explain your rationale.
Concerning supply chain, it is definite that Amazon sets a good example on how other organizations should formulate and utilize it to their advantage. One of the main reasons why this organization has achieved significant success in business is because of its well-planned and formulated supply chain, which enables it to reduce the costs of goods production. The reduced costs, in turn, enables the organization to reduce the costs of the goods and services that it offers and thus managing to eliminate competition from other organizations. Other companies, therefore, should view the means and methods through which Amazon has integrated its supply chain and use it as an example to formulate their successful supply chain integration (Christopher, 2016).

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