How Do People Make Smart? Getting Good Grades? Essay

How Do People Make Smart? Getting Good Grades? Essay

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What exactly is it to be smart? Getting good grades? Knowing how to do daily activities? Acing a math test? There are many different ways that people would define being smart as. How do people get smart? Reading books and asking questions are great ways to get smart. What if there was a way to study faster, more efficiently, and more conveniently. The world wide web can offer these positives to you. It’s also known as the internet. The internet hasn’t been available for ever. Realistically it has only been widely available since around 1997.
Study habits for school are very important. You used to have to read countless book and go to the library to find the information you were looking for. Since around 1997, people have been able to study and find countless information all in the same place without having to leave their homes. Internet on a computer. While on the internet you can look up questions and find articles
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easily without the hassle of leaving your own home. Since 1996 the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction has recorded Washington State test score. Washington State tests are tests that are mandatory from 3rd grade to 10th grade. They help the state know how much you are learning and how well teachers are teaching the subject. Back in 1996, 50% of 4th grade students met the standards for the Washington State reading test. In 2010, 70% of 4th graders met the standard for the Washington State reading test. Also, in 1997 only 20% of 7th graders met the standard for the Washington State math test. While in 2009, almost 60% of 7th graders met the standard for the Washington State test math test. This information could lead to the fact that after the internet was available children developed better stu...

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...ial Effects of Internet Use in Children”. This article is about effects the internet has on a child’s growing brain. Increased internet use among children may result in feelings of loneliness and depression. The internet 's wealth of information can add to the child 's store of knowledge, provided that the child has learned to discriminate between good and bad information sources. Patrick says, “The side effects of constant media exposure in children continues to be a growing public
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health concern. In the past 20 years, internet usage among children has steadily increased.” Children with easy access to the internet may become less able to separate fact from fiction. The internet has no filter and no peer review, so anyone can publish anything they want. Depression and isolation are serious problems, and these can occur with prolonged use of the internet.

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