How do Parent Training Programs Benefit the Parent, Teacher, and School Relationship

How do Parent Training Programs Benefit the Parent, Teacher, and School Relationship

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How do Parent Training Programs Benefit the Parent, Teacher, and School Relationship?

One factor in determining the success or failure of a school is to determine the effectiveness of the parent, teacher, and school relationship. To enhance a child’s educational experience, parents, teachers, and school leaders must form a partnership which helps to foster lifelong learning in the lives of the children they serve. (Brooks & Goldstein, 2001) Some teachers are often perplexed by the parents’ lack of involvement, while others are just as perplexed by the over involvement of some parents. Parents, on the other hand, often seem at a loss for what to do to help their child be successful in school, by working effectively with the teachers and school. Providing training programs for parents, which employ teachers and other school administrators as instructors, can be an effectual solution to the barriers which often exist between parents, teachers, and schools.

In the book, Planning Programs for Adult Learners, Caffarella suggested that training programs for adults have 5 main reasons, 1) to ensure individuals to continue to grow and develop, 2) to help people with problem solving, 3) to help prepare people for job opportunities, 4) to ensure groups of adults meet challenges or goals they may have set, and 5) to foster community and social changes. (Caffarella, 2002) A training program for parents might fall under the category of fostering community spirit and cooperation. The training and rearing of children no longer falls on the parents alone, but includes help from others in the society who come in and out of a child’s life. (Clinton, 1996) When a community such as a school and its population work well together, childr...

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