Essay How Do Marriages Affect Modern American Society?

Essay How Do Marriages Affect Modern American Society?

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How do marriages in modern American society operate in dysfunction or become dysfunctional in the first place many believe that this happens when partners in a relationship display narcissism. The personal struggles in the relationship are stemmed from partner communication barriers such as social media interactions with others, talking to other people in person, focusing on activities instead of their partner. The trend that American society deceives people into believing that the avenue of success comes from making a amount of money that someone can live way about their desires people are trained to want huge houses luxury cars boats private chefs etc. but that is a idealistic way of viewing life if a husband cant provide these for his partner then he is considered to be unsuccessful but in reality the one percent can not ever become the 99%-100%. the top of the one percent are wired differently than the 99% they have a great sense of self whether they know who they are or whether they are a narcissist who only wants the focus on themselves because they are fueled by their egos.

When we discussing how we frame marriage behaviors in the mainstream media frames these behaviors among societies couples the mass media generally uses their power to spotlight issues in the urban Hispanic and African American communities problems because in these communities aspects off life are related to these communities being in the working poor portion of society. The media tries to keep appearances that Hispanics and African American males work multiple jobs to feed their families often their jobs are often very unstable and low paying along with living conditions where these people on daily basis deal with theft, violence domestic or in their ...

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...go level and androgyny is also supported if androgyny is measured by the Sex Role Survey but not if it is measured by the PAQ. (Loevinger)
When people are in a relationship they often over time let the narcissistic behaviors slowly enter their relationship with out realizing it. Although these behaviors can harm the relationship they also can be changed over time to become replaced by more positive behaviors such as listening ,showing compassion, caring for their partner and supporting their partners with their life decisions. we all have our flawed and we always have to keep investing in relationships with our partners instead of neglecting them when we value our time with our partners we are less likely to display the negative attitudes mentioned above if we concentrate in them we are less likely to become partners who are selfish and loving of ourselves.(Laub)

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