How Do Items Do You Buy At Your Favorite Retail Store? Essay

How Do Items Do You Buy At Your Favorite Retail Store? Essay

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How many items do you buy at your favorite retail store? More often than not, we put more in our basket than we intended to. In this essay, I intend to answer the following question, how does strategically placing items in a retail store (also known as merchandising) increase sales? Through careful observation and planning, stores can convince shoppers to buy things considered “not on the list.” The science behind this product placement considers: eye level, consumer logic and reasoning, age of shoppers, and commonly bought products.
A store is much more complex and interesting than most expect. Everything involving a store is well thought-out, from the slogan to the placement of an item, including the colors used throughout the store. This is a psychology puzzle yes, psychology is considered when designing the layout of a store. (Learning House Admin.) Store managers and district managers know when an item is not in the correct location or displayed improperly. Most of a sales associate’s daily duties are to create better shopping experiences.
As you have probably heard before, eye level does matter. At eye level, products are more likely to be bought just because more people see them. These are also most common brands and most likely averagely price, possibly higher. The common phrase “eye level is buy level,” holds true. Lower priced, generic items can be found on the highest or lowest shelves. Stores know that those looking for a good deal will look high and low (Learning House Admin).
It is important to stress that eye level does not only affect the shopper but also their children. If a child sees a particular product with animated themes at their eye level and reach, it is easy for them to then target their parents (BB...

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...ustomer to spend a dollar on these “extras.” However, if a million customers shop at a particular store and every customer spends $1 on the impulse rack, that is 1 million dollars. This did not take any extra work, only providing the items at the correct location.
Basket size is important to retailers; therefore, much brainstorming is involved. Retailers must think and see like consumers to evaluate the best way to sell more product. They are encouraged to evaluate eye level and how it affects the attention of potential buyers, commonly used items, and logic and reasoning of their customers. “Shoppers won’t always obey the science, but these techniques are retailers’ most effective tools in the fight for our weekly budget. The battle between supermarkets and their customers continues.” (Kendall, Graham) In what ways does your favorite store target and manipulate you?

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