Essay on How Do I Love Thee, By Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Essay on How Do I Love Thee, By Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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Well known for one of her most famous poem How Do I Love Thee, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, was a respected poet long before her marriage to Robert Browning. It seems that her memory is known for this poem written about her husband. The quiet romance that happened between the two is what seems to pull readers in, as well as Mrs. Browning 's life. From a life threatening sickness to a famous poet and a love filled marriage, Elizabeth Barrett Browning had a life that people would want to know about for centuries.
Elizabeth Barrett was born to Edward Moulton Barrett and Mary Barrett on March 6, 1806 at Coxhoe Hall in Durham, England. She was born the oldest of 12 siblings into a wealthy family whose money came from Jamaican sugar plantations. At the age of 3, the Barrett family moved to Hope End in Herefordshire, England. Elizabeth was strongly intelligent and determined to become a poet someday. She surpassed her brothers in the Latin and Greek languages and later learned to read in languages such as: French, Italian and Portuguese. Elizabeth published The Battle Marathon with the help of her father, near the time she turned 13 years old in 1820. While her brothers were sent away for school, Elizabeth had to do her studies with the help of her brothers mentors. One of her main tutors ,Hugh Stuart Boyd, was a very intelligent blind man who wrote in the Greek language. Eventually Barrett developed a sickness by a viral infection followed by measles. Barrett was better after a year but, her health was never in good condition again. Her mother died in 1828, her brothers starting to die, and the reappearance of her sickness, these years were some of the worst for Elizabeth. The ending of slavery reduces the Barretts ' income, causing ...

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... earthly, a love that enriches life. The uses repetition saying How Do I Love Thee but she measures every part of her love using words such as " "depth," "breadth" and "height"--but it is a measure of the self, of who the woman-poet is and will be, and how can be valued." (Reynolds p 31) Although, love cannot be measured in numbers, Elizabeth uses it to express the depth her love for Robert. It seems as if Elizabeth is finding it hard to put a measurement or barrier on the capacity of her love for her husband, due to having to keep it all in for years. She believes in true love having no limits. The sonnets she has written "may not have been designed as a public statement" but it is said "here she escapes an old regime where she was enjoined to silence or riddles, and she transforms herself into a speaking subject who can take her own story to market". (Reynolds)

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