How Do I Fit And Training Documentation, And From The Manager 's Perspective

How Do I Fit And Training Documentation, And From The Manager 's Perspective

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We can as a team have better developed Run Books and Training Documentation, and from the manager 's perspective we can have some more hard direction (depending upon the issue/task) as to what we need to do.

Clearer day to day job duties. Maybe this is something the line leads can be tasked with. Better separation of who "owns" what work, what applications, etc.

Tell us when something is nice to have vs something you want us to do

Validation of work load and better prioritization of tasks. Even a framework of how to prioritize the workload would help. Guidance on how workload is prioritized in a post LEAN era. How do I fit in doing CIs and A3s when I have more to do then I can handle? What do I set aside? More emphasis on driving other teams to open requests. How to document abstract value brought to the team and NW as a whole.

I believe our score will improve as the recent changes finally settle out, Lean, joining teams, etc.

I understand my role as the first line of infrastructure support

I believe moving to the 3 support towers will help with this in particular. That s...

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